Monday, October 19, 2009

This has been on my heart for a few days. Then, my family and I were praying, and my wife thanked the Lord for carrying us! This tattoo automatically came to mind!
The Lord is always with us hand in hand, and sometimes He even carries us through this crazy life we live.
During these hard times and trust me there is definitely hard times going on around us, even in our own lives. We are all affected by the economy and the war. If not directly,then indirectly. If you think that you are not feeling the pain of the world around you then you are sorely mistaken. When people around us are having a hard time or a great time for that matter,energy from those others affects us, all of us. In the spiritual and emotional world. Regardless of what you may believe, if someone is in a great mood you can feel it, over time it can rub off on you, and when someone is down in the dumps, that too rubs off. Now, think about it, there is a lot of pain in the world right now. I feel that its is rubbing of on many of us,if not all of us. It seems like a day doesn't go by anymore that I don't hear about someone in some kind of funk or depression. I know, I too, began finding myself there! I started to realize that I am looking at all the pain in life and letting it rub off on me. I mean life is not all that bad, times are tight but, shit man what is the deal! I was so overwhelm by the future and I was beginning to analyze my past. But, I was forgetting about the here and now. Which for some is way worse then mine, but still even for that matter. I/we have a relationship and a destiny that goes beyond this world. I/we need to take hold of it, today and know that I/we are loved and that our future is already laid out for me/us. I/we are destine to live in the ever warming and loving light of the Lord. You know life really does transcend reality. We have a life beyond this superficial world that we live in, and why we are here, we are looked after way beyond our own comprehension. After all, He knows what is best for us and He only acts out of love. Now, the world is hard, tough, and dieing. We tend to find ourselves caught up in its death. But, we really need to wake up and bask in the glory and ever present love that is right in front of us. He is carrying us, He is right there by our side holding our hand. Jesus came and died for that one very thing. To release his ever present love to us all. So that we are all able to enjoy what God has for us, ever lasting love. Feel it let it over take your life, let it warm your spirit,bask in the glory!Blessings and love to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Space travel! Why is it so important?

This tattoo got me thinking, which is not unusual, if you ask my wife. Space travel! What is the importance of it? Why do we look to the stars so much? These two questions are quit interesting to me and I have come up with many different theories on this subject. I hope to touch on these and maybe get some feed back! Let me say these are just theories and thoughts that run through my head!

First, space travel, is it important?
I believe space travel is probably one of the most important issues for the human race as a species. It is merely out of survival that we must travel beyond our home world. If we are to grow and survive as a species, then we have got to be able to get of of this rock,we call home. There is going to come a point in our existence that we over populate. Sure we can build upwards, and we can live in mini rooms, like they already do in China. Putting a number on the amount of off spring one can have. But, that can only work for sometime and besides the more populated we get the greater the risk of disease and infection. After all, if there is to many of us, mother nature must take control for her and our own good. Who is to say that, that isn't what happened to the dinosaurs. On that note, what if we have some crazy catastrophe or natural disaster that will leave us as dust in the wind.Well, there goes our existence. You see what I am saying here. Space exploration should be one of our most important and highest goals. We need to stop being so here and now and start thinking about the future of our race, the whole human race. This could be one reason that we look to the stars, which leads us to our next question.

Why do we look to the stars?
I think that our first answer is one obvious reason, but I also think it might go deeper than that. You know, all throughout history our ancestors have all tried to map and explore these bright beautiful and wondrous lights in the night sky. Religions have been based on them, cultures have run their lives according to their patterns and movement. Many of us today are still in awe of their magnificence and beauty. So what is up with all this. Well, I have a theory on this and trust me this is just one of many. Aside from having to sustain our existence, what if that is our next level of not just consciousness which many have philosophised about, but our next plain of existence. I mean what if our afterlife really is in the heavens. It is there, it is big, and it is beautiful. Think of the excitement of being able to travel the universe after our life here. Going from galaxy to galaxy, planet to planet, solar system to solar system. Now that would be truly amazing. If you think about it, it really is not that far fetched. Our world right now seems so huge, an ants world seems even bigger, kind of like the universe seems to us. I believe God may have just created it for us and all creation. I think just maybe the pearly gates might just be the milky way or something like that. Man, can you imagine seeing all the wonders of space in person! Now, that would be amazing and more spectacular than any city of gold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!